Saturday, June 17, 2017

'Islam Pure' IS the Threat

If you've read this blog, you know this already.

...Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims” and those who carry out violent jihad are true Muslims who are applying exactly what their creed demands....

Which is to say that 'peaceful Muslims' are semi-Muslim.  They're like the 'raised Catholic' people who advocate for abortion, or no longer bother with Mass and the Sacraments.  

The Jesuit who wrote that has a few other noteworthy comments:

...Those who fail to recognize the real threat posed by Islam are naïve and ignorant of history, he said, and unfortunately many in the Church fall into this category.

Citing a letter he wrote last August to Pope Francis, Father Boulad said that “on the pretext of openness, tolerance and Christian charity — the Catholic Church has fallen into the trap of the liberal left ideology which is destroying the West.”

“Anything that does not espouse this ideology is immediately stigmatized in the name of ‘political correctness,’” he said....

And finally, he takes a swipe at the "peace, peace" crowd:

....“[   ]  Jesus said to us: Blessed are the peacemakers, he did not say to us: Blessed are the pacifists [who say] 'Peace is peace at any cost, at any price'. Such an attitude is a pure and simple betrayal of truth,” he said....

Heresies have consequences, people.

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