Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Failure of "R" Healthcare: Takings

Eric Erickson's analysis can be reduced to this:

...Essentially, the Senate Republicans, like their House counterparts, are conceding that the legislation must be about access to healthcare and have consequently abandoned the goal of trying to lower the costs of healthcare. As a result, the legislation does not really fix anything that Obamacare broke. It is a tinkering and tickling of Obamacare. Importantly, however, the moment the GOP passes it, the Democrats will be able to blame shift. Every Obamacare problem will still exist after this legislation is passed, but suddenly the GOP will own all those problems. Every terrible headline will suddenly be about Trumpcare, not Obamacare....

RoJo is trying to change that "costs" problem, to a limited degree; he sees the Medicaid solution that has worked in Wisconsin and wants it to be a national option.  But even RoJo has conceded the premise:  "healthcare" is a right which taxpayers will pay for no matter the cost.  Such a construct is wrong, for it eliminates charity in favor of takings (from taxpayers).

This "takings" is the soul and lifeblood of the Leviathan in Mordor-on-the-Potomac, of course.  It will never go away at the hand of politicians.  By others, maybe.

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