Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Comical Scribbling of Never-Trump Types

Wiggy is a genuinely likeable guy who remains a NeverTrumper, like his (also likeable) boss Charlie Sykes.

But only Wiggy writes stuff which assumes that the reader never took Civics 101--you know, the stuff on how the FedGov works.  (I'll not comment on Wiggy's Nancy Pelosi imitation, yelling "RUSSIANS!!!!" earlier in his screed.)

...As a result of Trump’s character flaws, lack of self-discipline, and inexperience, the only lasting positive impact of a Trump presidency may be the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Everything else, the executive orders, the relief from federal regulations, can be undone as easily as they were done.

We do not have health care reform yet. We don’t have an increase yet in military spending. We do not even have Trump’s wall on the border or his federal stimulus “infrastructure” plan. We don’t even have a tax reform plan, largely because of Trump’s incompetence.

The Trump Administration doesn’t even have a full team in Washington, which is probably the cause of so many of the leaks bedeviling the White House. Instead, Trump is still replacing personnel that should’ve been in place when he took the oath of office....

Oh, my oh my oh my!  You could run out of fingers counting the egregious errors, but let's start with stuff on which we agree!  The Donald does have character flaws, he does NOT have Gummint experience, and Gorsuch will (we certainly hope) last quite a while on SCOTUS.

In the cases of regs un-done by EO (and many of the EO's), so what?  Perhaps Wiggy doesn't know this, but laws are regularly un-done by succeeding Congresses, too.  And--as I recall--the President proposes a budget, but Congress disposes.  This is the place for a Speaker and Majority Leader with balls, but that's not the hand Trump was dealt, Wiggy.  Call your friend Paul (behind-the-walls) Ryan.

Oh--should Trump write the tax reform plan for Ryan, too?  Wasn't that the reform which could not be accomplished until Ryan and McConnell (and RoJo) shitcan ObozoCare?  Didn't Ryan, RoJo and McConnell have FOUR FULL YEARS to write the legislation dumping ObozoCare into the landfill?

So sorry to take up your time with trivia like ya'know, Constitutional matters, Wiggy....

Yes, he has his faults, and I'll hit him every time he shows one.

Stop whining.

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