Sunday, June 11, 2017

Looking for Saints in All the Wrong Places

Christian Schneider is a NeverTrumper.  

He says that Trump lies.  He says that Trump manipulates.  He says that Trump is a thin-skinned girly-kinda-guy.  He says that Trump is a meanie, too.

For this, Schneider wants a Pulitzer prize, or something.

Well, I'll award him the "No Sh*t, Sherlock!!" prize.  He found a politician (and a real estate developer) with character flaws!  Who mis-characterizes his actual record!!

Next thing you know, Schneider will find that the guy uses the f-word.

And to Schneider, people who 'support Trump' are blind, stupid, hobbits who 'defend' Trump by pointing to other lying, character-deficient, back-and-forthright, nasty politicians.  So those 'supporters' are no good, either, because they voted for this turd.

Grow up, Christian.  You're not going to live in the kingdom of the Saints during your stay in the valley of tears. Sorry.  So sad. 

Actual adults pulled the Trump lever knowing full well that he's going to 'make deals' with policy and the national interest.  But many of those Trump voters also thought that those deals would be weighted toward their interests:  a stronger, more prosperous USA.  A USA whose judiciary and Federal agencies know their place.  A USA whose Government actually respects and serves the citizens of the USA, not just itself, its millions of employees, and whoever purchases the right regulations this year.  All of that--or even some of that--would be contrary to the direction of the last 100 years or so, and to those voters "contrary" is the right direction, indeed.  So they voted for a guy who was (and remains) NOT a member of the good-old-guys-and-gals club.  Meh.

We get it, Christian.  You don't.  You're looking for saints in the last place they'll be found.  

Good luck, grasshopper.

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