Saturday, June 10, 2017

What Tommy Thompson Taught Scott Walker

"BOND IT!!"  --T. Thompson, large-scale Spender

In the opinion of the estimable George Mitchell, Walker's "Bond It!!" program for highways is not the right thing to do.  Mitchell is part of the camp which believes that raising the gas tax, or registration fees, (or something 'raised') is the right course of action.

But way down in his essay is a telling snippet:

Some legislators say, in effect, “enough.” They believe the state either needs to live within its means or it needs new revenue.

George kinda-sorta disguises it, but he allows that LESS SPENDING ON ROADS might be a solution, too.

We agree with that. 

Owen is on the same page.


Clearly, the "leadership" in Wisconsin Pubbie circles has not yet absorbed the real meaning of Trump's victory.  Here (and we're looking at you, Scott Walker), it's still 'spend money, it's election season.'

Owen is right:  some stupidity costs political careers.

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