Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kennedy Retire? Bring It On!

A typical opinion from some superannuated prune in the WaPo.

Won't bother to fisk it--but if you're looking for WaPo/Establishment-speak, go to the second half of the vomitous blather.

Meantime, it raises the hope that Kennedy will bail and Diane Sykes will fill the slot.


steveegg said...

The bad news for us - Trump promised a conservative replacement for only Scalia. He never mentioned what his second SCOTUS pick would be.

Given the GOP track record, at best, I'm expecting another Kennedy if he retires. At worst, his Lawgiver-In-Black sister.

Anonymous said...


Judge Maryanne Trump Barry is adefender of partial birth abortion.
Donald Trump says saying she would make “one of the best” Supreme Court Justices.......

I think we need to pray even harder for the president on this one or we will be totally screwed.