Friday, June 09, 2017

National Security? Vetting? Huh??

During WWII, workers at the Hanford Site (atomic bomb stuff) were not allowed to talk to one another on the busses which took them back and forth from the town to the Site.

Read that again:  they were not allowed to talk on the bus, period.  That for fear that someone could assemble parts A, B, and C from conversations and spill the beans on the project.

And that was to co-workers.  Talk at home?  You're in Federal detention immediately, isolated, and no niceties of 'trial' until the war is over.

Compare to today, where some chunky blondie ex-USAF enlistee--at the age of 25--can access, print, and mail "secure" "secret" documents despite a social-media trail which is HIGHLY questionable.

Pardon me for asking, but WTF is the matter with NSA?

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