Wednesday, June 28, 2017

See, Paul Ryan, THIS Is How It's Done

At this point, the House Pubbies are merely watching.  They could learn something.

...Shedding his reputation as one of the Senate’s most contentious members, he has already suggested one possible middle-ground compromise: an amendment allowing insurers to offer some plans that don’t comply with Obamacare’s mandates, as long as they maintain at least one plan that does conform to the requirements. This is a clever compromise on the part of Cruz....

Notice that the truly Conservative position is enshrined in the compromise, as is the Lefty-wanker one?

Others--in the House, for instance, should learn from this.  Right, Paul Ryan??

(I know Paul's not a "conservative" by any stretch of the imagination, so he doesn't have to take this seriously.  Neither did Hillary....)

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steveegg said...

That demonstrates why, when Walker flamed out, I backed Cruz. Of course, as it does actually serve to limit the reach of government, there is no way the McConnell/Ryan/Trump wing will ever accept it. They're more focused on keeping the one or two health insurance companies that could survive the current mess with nothing more than the "tweaks" in both Congressional versions (i.e. more government subsidies) firmly planted on the government kickback-loop teat, with the side political "benefit" of keeping as the only alternative full-blown government-run health care.