Thursday, June 01, 2017

Fr. Rutler, Pp Bergoglio, Church Music

If you don't have one or more of Fr. Rutler's books, you're missing a lot.

He packs so much into this one solitary paragraph.....

...Our Lord promised that the Holy Spirit would lead into all truth. This activates the intellect and does not replace it. Enthusiasm is not spiritual zeal if it asks reason to move over so that emotion might take its place. The Enthusiasm that Dr. Sumner abjured displaced the Logos with the Ego. That of course is an old story, elegantly and eloquently documented in the masterwork of Monsignor Ronald Knox, Enthusiasm. While not unsympathetic toward the noble integrity of John Wesley, he holds up the spiritist movements from the second century Montanists to the latter day Quakers, Jansenists, and Quietists as examples of how people go to extremes to confuse themselves emotionally with the Holy Spirit....

*Cough* READ BETWEEN THE LINES, whether you're an advocate of Bergoglianism or of simple-stupid "music" for Mass.

Then repent, and get straight with the Logos.

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