Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tucker Carlson AND Neumayr!

When both Neumayr and Carlson are singing the same tune, it's damn near conclusive.

Here's Carlson:

“[A]gain, this is not about truth or fairness, much less protecting this country from foreign threats,” he added. “It’s about toppling – let’s not lie about it – a democratically elected government that the permanent class in Washington does not like...."

"....the permanent class..."  Hmmmm.

And Neumayr:

...the American people can see that the “respectability” of a leaking, vicious, two-faced ruling class doesn’t add up to much and constitutes a much deeper vulgarity than anything Trump represents....

(I have to import another quote from Neumayr which is just delicious:

...Trump’s instincts about Comey were absolutely correct. He is the kind of ruling-class creep who takes secret notes on presidents, then leaks them to the press, all while expecting a pat on the head from the great and good for his “independence"...

Actually, "creep" isn't quite right.  Let's try 'goody-two-shoes teacher's pet.'  The kind who usually wound up with his glasses broken after getting ass-whupped in the alley behind the school. )

Anyhow:  that "ruling class/City class/permanent class" bunch which Codevilla identified (but which Pat Buchanan reified back in 1992) is not going away easily.  McConnell and the slugs surrounding him--all allies regardless of Party--and "Mr. Clean" Ryan, supported by the Crazy Aunt in the Attic Nancy--are going to drag their feet, mope and whine, and "work to the rules" (if not against the rules) to get rid of this guy Trump.

Maybe a few more primary-ings will do the trick.  That's better than the other method of cleaning house.

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Praypraypray said...

Trump needs to oust the Democrats and RepubliCats in the different government agencies. When new administrations come in (after being elected), they clear out their opposition and put their own people in place. Democrats do it all of the time. Sadly, the Republicans are not doing that and still they expect not to fail or be stymied by their opposition/aka enemies.
Trump is sorely mistaken if he thinks he's playing it safe by keeping his enemies closer! (taken from the old adage/saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.")
Comey is a good example of the opposition! Trump should have ousted him right away before he caused more problems. The opposing side isn't going to sing Kumbaya and and pass along the Coca Cola and hold hands just to make everything "nice". They may smile, but be wary the backlash! Be wary of snakes in the grass!...even pretty snakes calling themselves "republicans". Know thy enemy and keep a very safe distance...the further away,...the better!