Thursday, June 29, 2017

(D) McCaskill Appears To Be Shady

Evidently Senator McCaskill (D-Shadyland) thinks that she's not required to tell the truth.  That's because she's a Democrat, I suppose.

Not only did she lie like Hell about "never" having met with the Russki ambassador (in fact, she had a nice black-tie DINNER with the guy)--she also didn't bother to disclose a family foundation which paid for that dinner-ticket.

Which raises another question:  why is this old prune paying large money from what amounts to a "secret" account to hobnob with the Russians??

You all recall that McCaskill also had the habit of using US taxpayer funds for political purposes and sorta-kinda "forgot" to pay almost $300 GRAND in taxes.

She's what the Democrats call 'a virtuous champion of the forgotten blue-collar man.'


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steveegg said...

Regarding Russia, I still haven't figured out whether the 'Rats are madder that Putin and company are no longer unfailingly helping them, or that, unlike what they tried to pull in Israel a few years ago, Putin saw his desired outcome happen. I do know they're quite pissed about both.