Tuesday, June 13, 2017

John Chisholm, Bridesmaid

It appears that Mr. Mueller's 'special counsel' team requires special skills.

...Mueller has selected Deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben as one of his advisers. Dreeben is a premier criminal law expert. However, he’s considered a left-winger by people whose judgment I trust. And Preet Bharara — former US attorney of the Southern District of New York and current Trump adversary — says he’s over-the-moon about Dreeban’s selection

Dreeben does not owe his selection to investigative prowess. He’s on the team to evaluate whether the fruits of the investigation give rise to a crime. 

That’s fine if Dreeben has no agenda. But if he’s anti-Trump, there’s reason to fear he will bend over backwards to spin out a theory through which Trump can be prosecuted....

Well, what about John Chisholm, Milwaukee County DA and theory-spinner extraordinaire??  Not even a mention?

Or was it that Chisholm failed in--I dunno, 90??-- courts on his gibberish-theorizing?

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