Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Cuba That Obozo Loves

THIS is the Cuba that Obama loves, folks.

Over thirty members of the Ladies in White, a peaceful Catholic dissident group in Cuba, were violently arrested over the weekend for attempting to attend Sunday Mass, including leader Berta Soler....

...This weekend, the group had planned to attend the weekly Mass at their local Havana church but, according to a Diario de Cuba note denouncing the arrests, most were arrested on their way out of their homes. In Soler’s case, according to Lady in White Daisy Artiles, five uniformed Cuban police officers apprehended her while leaving the house “holding a sign demanding freedom for political prisoners.”

“They took her sign away violently and dragged her into a car,” Artiles said. “Then a mob began to yell obscenities at us...

Nothing like a Commie dictatorship in the Americas to get Obozo's jeans all aroused.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for kicking Castro in the nuts.

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