Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump Goes to War (vs. Gummint!!)

You'll be hearing the sad, teary-eyed stories soon.  NOT of the thousands of Regulatory State twits crying because their jobs have been eliminated; rather, from "victim-citizens" who will all die or go into pure agony because their Regulatory Twits are no longer empowered.  It's likely that those "victims" will be on retainer from Soros and--by the way--their story is likely to be false.  But you'll be seeing them.

White House counsel Don McGahn has assembled a team of elite lawyers with the stated goal of leading Trump Administration efforts to roll back regulatory powers across the U.S. government.The plan of attack, run from the second floor of the West Wing, is designed to take apart what Trump advisor Stephen Bannon has called "the Administrative State," the collection of federal agencies that exists to carry out laws passed by Congress and authorities granted to the President. Trump aides argue that these bureaucracies have become an independent federal power sources...

(Have you ever seen such horrible grammar and composition before in Time?  Egads!)

For the above, HT Grim!!  But there's MORE!!!

...This order is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch by directing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) to propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies (as defined in section 551(1) of title 5, United States Code), components of agencies, and agency programs....

...d) In developing the proposed plan described in subsection (c) of this section, the Director shall consider, in addition to any other relevant factors:

(i) whether some or all of the functions of an agency, a component, or a program are appropriate for the Federal Government or would be better left to State or local governments or to the private sector through free enterprise;.
..  This from AOSHQ

And--closely related--cutting our UN waste in half.

Well, then.  Let's have the NeverTrump remnants raise their hands because they oppose this, eh??


Anonymous said...

You're going to raise your hand, right?

Dad29 said...

Nope. Left the NeverTrump train just before it pulled into the station in November.

Anonymous said...

Its true,
I was giving him a great deal of crap about it at the time.
He is a flip flopper
Actually he is more of a Never Hildabeast....god love him