Monday, March 13, 2017

Krugman (!!) Makes a Fool of Ryan

The Resurgent caught it:  Paul Krugman shows us that RynoCare is really ObozoCare Lite.

Of course, Krugman may make a fool of Ryan--but Ryan will make fools of the entire country if his load of crap passes.

Unless you're one of the "conservative" radiomouths who kneel at the feet of Ryan, Dan.

But Krugman's yapping aside, there is a lot more serious concern about RynoCare, from far more serious people.

...As I wrote last month, the AHCA creates a steep benefit cliff between those on Medicaid (subsidizing approximately $6,000 per patient per year), and those just above the poverty line who will get tax credits of about $3,000. People just below poverty will be strongly disincentivized to make more money, effectively trapping them in poverty....Avik Roy/Forbes, quoted at HotAir

How about individual insurance plans under RynoCare?


...the GOP version of health-care reform doesn’t fix the huge problems that currently exist in the individual market, notably the fact that thanks to Obamacare, in a few years, we might not even have an individual market. (See “community rating” and “guaranteed issue,” and thus the hated mandate, which whacks you with a tax penalty if you don’t buy insurance.) The incentives intended to keep the individual market sustainable were already failing, and the Republican plan weakens them still further....McArdle, same source

I'm sure that Dan Radiomouth will have responses.  He knows better than the Heritage Foundation about the topic of "reconciliation" so there's no doubt that he knows better than Roy and McArdle about these little problems, too.

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