Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some Bishops Are Just Plain WRONG

Take, for example, Bp. Marcelo Sanchez Sarondo--especially if you are Lutheran!!  You can have him, but it's likely that the Unitarians will out-bid you.


The bishop tasked by Pope Francis with running the Vatican’s organization for promoting science has flipped St. Thomas Aquinas' moral principle of "double effect" on its head, stating in an interview that it means that if the “positive effect [of an action] is greater than the negative effect, then you can do it.” This novel interpretation (at face value, indistinguishable from the moral heresy of consequentialism) just might provide the key to understanding why this bishop has a consistent track record of inviting enemies of the Church to conferences...

The Bp. is a flyweight, intellectually, and as shown later in the linked article, a nasty little bugger with a huge ego (and not much to be egoistic about.)

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GOR said...

As my old Irish mother used to say: "You're known by the company you keep..."

PF is not known for surrounding himself with intellectual heavyweights. That's not surprising given his disdain for rigor and orderly speech. "Loose lips..."