Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Russians!!!! The Russians!!!!

Paul Ryan had a brief presser the other day during which he mentioned that House Intel was investigating the "RUSSIANS DID IT!!!!!" bullshit.

Well, fine, Paul.  It's a waste of time and money (something that politicians specialize in) but...

We all know that the Russians, and the Chinese, and the Americans, run propaganda which makes themselves look good.  We all know that the US' "foreign aid" money is basically a purchase-contract executed with co-operative regimes or dictators.  Sometimes those contracts redound to the benefit of the US national interest.  Same can be said for Russki money to Cuba, the old East Bloc, etc., mutatis mutandis.

It's business as usual.

But the rest of the stuff--the harping that THE RUSSIANS "fixed" the election--is pure bullshit.  We all know it.  So does Z-Man:

...the mother of all fake news stories, the entirely fictional Russian Hacking™ scandal. There is nothing about this that passes the laugh test. No one can even explain what it is the Russians supposedly did. No one can explain how Trump people talking to Russians is different from everyone else who regularly talks with Russians. It’s as if the media has been infected with a rage virus. Of course, it’s obvious that the hysteria is part of an orchestrated campaign to undermine Trump.

In other words, it’s all fake....

It's a DC parlor game to keep your eyes off the National Debt.  Or the pizza parlor, or something.

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