Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Pauly-Girl Version of ObozoCare

I never thought that Paul Ryan would actually fix Obozocare.

And I am not disappointed!!

...If this bill passes, everybody would have to get their insurance either through government, their employer via tax subsidy, or be left to purchase government-designed health policies using federal subsidies....

So how do you like your cyanide?

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steveegg said...

What was your first clue? A President who is a fan of single-payer health care and the 2 major money-draining provisions of PlaceboCare 2.0 (no pre-existing condition exclusion and 25-year-olds on mommy's insurance)? The addition of "and replace" to "Repeal ObamaCare"? The nomination of the architect of PlaceboCare 1.0 in 2012? It should have been Medicare Part D, which came 7 years prior to PlaceboCare 2.0 (and if memory serves, before PlaceboCare 1.0).

Philip Klein only scratched the surface of what is wrong with PlaceboCare 3.0. Check out these nuggets dug out by Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Mark Meadows:

- The individual mandate tax/fine/penalty will now be payable to the insurance companies.
- Said insurance companies will continue to get their losses directly subsidized by us the taxpayers (TARP 2.0, anyone?).
- The Cadillac Tax gets a more progressive name (I remember when getting rid of the Cadillac Tax was a priority).

Oh well; what else can one expect in the era of "If you can't beat them, be them"?