Monday, March 27, 2017

"Conservatives Brought the End of the World!!" says Jay Weber

See, it was the Conservatives who caused the Republicans to lose Congress in 2018, leaving Trump with Democrat majorities, and since Trump is a lefty (says Jay) well, it's TEOTWAWKI.

Not the lying of the Speaker, whose bill did NOT "repeal" Obozocare.  Whose bill did NOT 'improve' health care.  Whose bill did not remove "must-have" coverage like pregnancy coverage for men.  Whose bill was a laughingstock long before he brought it out of his Ultra-Super-Secret Vault.  Whose bill effectively raised rates.

Nah, not The Speaker's fault.

Not the lying President who endorsed a bill which did NOT "repeal" Obozocare; whose grasp of the policy was so shaky that he was laughed at; who told The Speaker to ram the bill through Congress before it had been sold in even a preliminary sense.

No.  It was "the Conservatives."

OK, Jay.  I'm sure that Paul Ryan will give good interview as a return favor.  Now you can get off your knees.

But let's let Phil Klein--who is no Conservative knee-pad guy--'splain a little, too.

...House conservatives, if they could be blamed for anything, it's for having the audacity to urge leadership to actually honor seven years of pledges to voters to repeal Obamacare. If anybody was moving the goal posts, it wasn't Freedom Caucusers, it was those who were trying to sell a bill that kept much of Obamacare's regulatory architecture in place as a free market repeal and replace plan....

...What's so utterly disgraceful, is not just that Republicans failed so miserably, but that they barely tried, raising questions about whether they ever actually wanted to repeal Obamacare in the first place....

A very good question, raised again this morning by a Texas congressman.   Face it, Jay (and all the rest of you RadioMouths)--Ryan is a creature of DC.  To him, all the world's problems MUST be solved in DC.  The States?  Who cares??

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steveegg said...

It turns out that stripping out the statutory "Essential Health Benefits" was the last concession Trump/Ryan/McConnell (never forget about Mitch McConnell) made. Of course, nothing would have prevented the HHS secretary from reimposing the EHBs administratively because, unlike last session's vetoed bill, none of the administrative powers that are, at least to us outsiders, one of the true problems with PlaceboCare, would have been stripped. Someone should explain to Weber that's one of the reasons the House Freedom Caucus balked at the "maybe-50%" bill.

Indeed, without Mike Lee going to the Senate parliamentarian (who, despite the TRM cabal's claims, isn't the final arbiter on Senate procedure) on whether hacking away at the regulatory scheme could be "in play" and then going public with that "first-time" opinion that shattered the cabal's claims that taking out most of the taxes, "enriching" (really, saving, but what's semantics anymore?) what's left of Big Insurance, and block-granting Medicaid (really, just another "concession") was as far as they could go, I doubt that "concession" would have been made. After all, it would have cut (Not-So-)Big-Insurance's revenues, and in the Once-And-Current Non-Conservative Republican Party, they can't have business suffer.

Come to think of it, when was the last time the Rs actually stripped out the statutory "authority" for regulatory overreach created by the Ds instead of simply using said regulatory overreach for their own ends?