Monday, March 06, 2017

A Little Chant Singing

A friend who is a musician and who is very familiar with Chant was at a near-western suburb of Milwaukee yesterday for an afternoon EF Mass.

During that Mass, a girls' choir sang the Introit, Offertorium, and Communio.

His thoughts? 

The singing was something of a revelation to him--he found that their work revealed the 'song' which is in the Chant; they used rallentando and diminuendo very effectively.

In other words, it was sung as though it were music.

Revolutionary, eh?

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GOR said...

Yes, not surprising as there is a strong commitment to sacred music in this parish, which I attribute to the PP. Though not our ‘territorial’ parish, my wife and I began attending Mass there last Summer.

This for a number of reasons – not least being the devout way Mass is celebrated and the disposition of the congregation. Silence in church is advocated - something I’d like to see in all churches, as it used to be.