Sunday, March 12, 2017

RynoCare: Wrong Prescription per Dave Brat

Now comes Cong. Dave Brat, an economist by profession, son of an M.D., and the guy who defeated Eric Cantor, who was a liar of the first water.

...Dave Brat told Breitbart News Saturday radio host Matt Boyle that the American Health Care Act bill written by Speaker Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.) is designed to save the insurance companies, not return health insurance and health care delivery to the free market....

...the congressman said it is foolish to attempt a political solution to an economic problem that forces you to accommodate the needs and values of 300 million Americans — such as people in both California and Texas — at the same time....

Here's another part which is bothersome:

...“In the current bill, I’ve asked leadership, budget committee experts: ‘Can a young person go out and buy a health care insurance product of their choosing?’ The answer is no,” he said.

The reason is that the regulations on the insurance companies require certain “essential health care benefits,” so that everyone in the country is forced to buy the same coverage, whether they need it or not,” Brat said....

Whether Paul Ryan likes it or not, every State has an insurance commissioner who makes certain that insurance policies meet certain standards--including coverage.  NO ONE who votes (R), "Conservative", or "Trump" WANTS D.C. DICTATORS ANY MORE.

Brat has other concerns, too.

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