Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Self-Driving Cars, Eh??

The current rage in the automotive kingdom is 'self-driving' cars.  It's something that Silicon Valley pushed to the applause of the Insurance Twits, so Detroit and D.C. are jumping onto the bandwagon.

Meantime, this little item popped up.

Mystery shrouds the rogue flight of an Army unmanned surveillance aircraft that was launched from southern Arizona on Jan. 31, flew hundreds of miles independent from human control and was found Feb. 9, broken apart in a tree outside Denver....

I would wager that the computing power in the guidance system of that drone is similar to the computing power in the guidance system of a "self-driving" car.

Of course, nothing will go wrong with self-driving cars.  Ford, GM, FiatChrysler and the US Government all assure us....

That's only Part One.  Part Two goes like this:  who in Hell wants one of those--outside of the dweebs in D.C., Manhattan, Chicago, certain parts of the West Coast, and known Socialist havens like Madistan, Wisconsin?

After all, if you don't want to drive, why are you buying a CAR?


Anonymous said...

When you are marked for death by the powers that be, they will Boston Break your automated car and kill you.

See a video : Tesla Autopilot Crash Caught On Dashcam

Elon Musk is a tax sucking dirtbag

GOR said...

More ‘snowflake’ cosseting! Look at all the ‘features’ the auto industry has been adding to cars for years – things you don’t necessarily want or need but have to pay for anyway. It has come to this that many young people don’t know how to drive responsibly and don’t want to leaqrn.

They expect the car to do everything for them – Onstar, backup cameras, power everything – seats, windows, doors, heated seats and steering wheels, tire pressure monitoring, self parking, etc.

Forget about about basic things like: checking oil, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid or knowing how to change a tire. We are not advancing – just dumbing down successive generations.