Friday, March 17, 2017

Big Blue Bummer

Yah, well, it seems that taxpayers have spent about $1 billion on a project led by IBM (Big Blue) and it has not turned out well.

In fact, it's a f'n disaster.

Because of system bugs, shifts between manual and digital processing and other issues, USCIS erroneously issued about 20,000 green cards and granted citizenship to more than 800 people who had previously been ordered deported during the past six months, an auditor found.--quoted at HotAir

So.  In SIX MONTHS these blithering idiots granted full-bore citizenship to EIGHT HUNDRED raving criminals?  Hell, that's 265 more than Congress has.  And it took a lot longer than 6 months to populate Congress...but I digress.

Perhaps CIS officials will issue refunds from their personal accounts? 

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