Monday, March 27, 2017

Is Charlie Still Stuck in the Past?

A few days ago, the House intel chairman let us know that, in FACT, Trump had been "wiretapped."

Regardless, Charlie Sykes continues to state that Trump is lying.

...Trump supporters’ scant faith in institutions, actively encouraged by Trump himself, makes them skeptical of the people who have called him out on the wiretapping lie: news outlets, Democratic leaders, even law enforcement....

One could parse the terms, of course, as perhaps Charlie is doing.  Was he "wiretapped"?  No.  The term was used as a substitute for "surveilled," which includes all electronic and telephonic tracing.  Was Trump a target?  Probably not (but then, this was Obozo....).  More likely some of Trump's advisers were speaking with Russians (RUN!!  HIDE!!) and thus were recorded.  Are contacts with Russians illegal in and of themselves?  Nope.  Did a member of Obozo's regime commit a crime against the Espionage Act by releasing Flynn's name to the public?  Yup.  (But Charlie doesn't care about that, you see.)

Are NeverTrumpers becoming as unhinged as (D) 'leadership'?

We report.  You decide. 

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