Friday, March 03, 2017

Right Wisconsin, The Media, and Trump

The essay is apocalyptic.

...Trump can call the New York Times “failing” all he wants, but his attacks have indeed resulted in a spike in subscriptions for the Times. As Trump’s base energizes to support him, the base support of Democrats and the MSM will rally to their defense. So, how does this all end?

One possibility, cooler heads prevail. Given that one of the heads in play is Donald Trump’s, I’d call that the longshot scenario. Another possibility is that there is indeed fire under all that Russian smoke. Trump amping up the attacks on the media will only steel their resolve to get to it. And further attacks on government institutions will only embolden the people who populate them to facilitate the media’s cause.

So how does it all end? Probably the safest prediction? Not well.

Since that was published, the NYTimes printed McCaskill's lies about meeting a Russki--and then 'stealth-edited' their fake news; and the WaPo wrote a story claiming--falsely--that our Attorney General committed perjury in his confirmation hearings.

That's only the last 2 days.

So.  If it ends "not well" for these lying scumbags, oh well.  Too bad, so sad.

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