Thursday, March 30, 2017

Marquette U Sends Love & KIsses (and $$$) to Communist

Ah, yes, Marquette University!  Now presenting (with their unabashed love and kisses), Angela Davis!!

...The lecture is part of a series of "inclusive conversations" the school is hosting in order to confront the challenges of racial inequality. "As a Catholic, Jesuit university committed to social justice," the university's website reads, "we seek to energize our campus and engage all Milwaukee's communities by asking, 'What is your freedom dream now?'"...

For those of you who understand that no Communist can have a 'freedom dream,' nor can any Communist have a 'commitment to social justice', well, yes, that's true.  But the Jesuits--who are, in this case, useful idiots--don't understand Catholic social justice, which is the antithesis of Communist 'social justice.'

Parenthetically, the cited link at the Examiner rattles on and on about 'anti-capitalism.'  Well and good, but that's about 15th on a list of 3 concerns with Ms. Davis.

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