Saturday, March 04, 2017

Again With the Massingale!!

We mentioned this failed 'theologian' only a few days ago, and he pops up again.

....At the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (LA REC), Father Bryan Massingale used sections of Pope Francis’ problematic Amoris Laetitia and other papal documents to validate statements saying conscience equates to Church teaching and Catholics shouldn’t be expected to live up to that teaching.

“Conscience is taking a deeper, new self-understanding in our Catholic teaching,” he said. “There is a growing recognition of the limits of moral rules, that is, it’s impossible to give a rule that applies always and everywhere in every situation....

Like killing 6-month old baby, for example.  I'm sure that this failed 'theologian' can find a good excuse for knocking off one of those.  Or maybe raping a 3-year old.  There are good reasons for doing that within the moral law, no doubt.

It used to be considered a grave sin to smack a priest upside the head.  Hmmmmmm?

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