Sunday, March 05, 2017

Levin's Sugar-Daddy Fires Steyn

Well, yes, it's sort of a tempest-teapot thing, but interesting.

Levin is a not-quite-never-Trumper--that is, he, like many others, decided to support Trump ONLY to stop the most corrupt public figure in US history bar none:  Hillary.  Regardless, he does not like much of what brought Trump to the Oval Office.  

Anyhoo, Levin found a sugar-daddy named Katz who lost access to his money machine when ObozoCare was passed.  That sugar-daddy funded CRTV, a multi-platform (but not cable) enterprise which also hired Mark Steyn.

And fired him, about 4 weeks later, without having paid him >$100K in fees and expenses.


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