Sunday, November 06, 2016

Yes, "Official Conservatism" Is Embarrassed

From the Zblog, where he talks about (largely) the Pundit Group of "Official Conservatism":

...The people at the core of NeverTrump are the same people who sold us neo-conservatism in the Bush years. What is happening now is a delayed reaction to the massive failures under George W. Bush. Trump made his mark in the primary by humiliating Jeb Bush and that was not an accident. Trump is the repudiation of Bush and the neo-cons.

There’s another bit here too. The Official Right™ has defined itself to the Left by who it hates. Purging people from their ranks has been an integral part of how modern conservatives define their thing. Naturally, when challenged, they fall back on the old ways. The trouble is all their name calling and threats have been met with jeers and laughter. They lost all of their moral authority so they can no longer simply scold the dissenters into silence.

Finally, there’s the creeping realization that their brand of conservatism is all hat and no cattle. Their moral preening and appeals to as yet undefined principles are just postures. In the end, their thing was just a jobs program for people unable to do productive work...

The Pundit "Conservatives" actually have little to fret about were Trump to succeed, as they'll have something to write and yammer about for at least a few years; so it ain't just money, is it?  Their fear, instead, is that Trumpism is, more or less, a far more persuasive version of the TEA Party, which was co-opted after only a year of being a genuinely populist movement.  Trump has captured a LOT of the Reagan Democrat crowd which has little use for the lace-pantied, proper-English George Will/Jonah Goldberg bunch.  So while their jobs are secure, their influence will nose-dive. 

Odd, that; for Trump is a liberal with a foul mouth and horrible self-control problems.  In fact, were it not for his self-control issues, his monumental ego would be overmatched by those of Schumer and McConnell, in a heartbeat.

It will not be over and done by November 9th; not by a long shot.  No matter who wins, the other one will not go quiet into the night.


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