Sunday, November 06, 2016

Voting in Wisconsin

Owen is a far more informed political-science guy than I am, mostly because he hangs out with the right crowd. 

Last week, he mentioned that he's voting 3rd Party as a means of salving his conscience; he cannot possibly vote for the Hildebeeste (nor can any right-thinking American); but he cannot hold his nose hard enough to vote for Trump (a position shared by many.)

So he's going with Evan Whatshisname.

But in that column he also mentioned a fact which is noteworthy and significant:  Wisconsin is likely to go (D) in the Presidential.  That's backed by a lot of history, folks.  Read it and weep.

So.  What Owen DID do is give a free pass to voters who want to stick it to the (R) Establishment:  voting Trump is not likely to move Wisconsin into the (R) column (thus preserving the #NeverTrump people's wishes), but at the same time, voting Trump will send a message to the Establishment:  "Screw You!!"

Tempting, eh?

As to the down-ballot:  RoJo is seriously flawed as a conservative.  He has utterly failed to throw a monkey-wrench into any of the Obozo schemes and plots, and he simply gave up as a conservative voice and vote after only one year as a Senator.  However, Johnson is a reasonably honest guy, which makes him the only real choice compared to the slimeball do-nothing wacko-bird Feingold--who scores "zero" on any test of integrity or morals.

Those are the only races which matter.  All the rest are fore-ordained by history with the possible exception of the race in the Fox Valley congressional--but the (R) up there looks like a good bet against just another hack (D).

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William said...

I voted for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. I also voted for RoJo, as Feingold is just another liar.