Monday, November 07, 2016

Who Is Archbishop Wester?

It appears that some Archbishop in New Mexico has a serious case of the Quavers.

...That a Catholic priest in Santa Fe would issue guidance to his flock that is consistent with the Catholic Church’s official position – that abortion is a “moral evil” – shouldn’t come as a surprise – particularly after the presidential candidates staked out their positions in a nationally televised debate.

What perhaps is surprising is the archdiocese’s reaction to Father Larry Brito’s display of a sign on the side of the St. Anne Parish church proclaiming “Vote Catholic, Vote Pro-Life” and a letter to his parishioners urging them not to “vote in representatives into office who are ‘Pro-Abortion’ or as they sheepishly call themselves ‘Pro-Choice.’ ”...

The reaction?

...The archbishop wrote that while emotions are running high as the election nears, “these emotions do not give us license to endorse or denounce a candidate because of his or her position on a given issue.”...

S'pose the Bishop needs a course in remedial reading?  Do you see the name of ANY candidate in the text of that priest's sign?  I don't either.

The Quavers are contagious.  Pray for your Bishop(s).    

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