Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead

To make your day even better, here are a couple of Clintonistas' reactions.

...“It is surreal,” said one government employee who gave her first name Margarita, a beer in front of her.

She says she fears a new era in America — not just in terms of politics, but also from those who voted for the 70-year-old Trump.

“Our lives are not safe — as queer women, as brown women,” she told AFP, struggling to put her feelings into words.

Many spoke about what they felt was total ignorance among Trump supporters.

“I think these people probably flunked out of school — they don’t know history, they don’t understand the world,” said Elmy Bermejo, who traveled to the Big Apple from San Francisco for the occasion....

...Next to Stengel, 25-year-old Yanni Trittas, a local elected official, said: “They’re people who hold on to racism and xenophobia,” an intolerance that stems from what he said the Republican Party had “ensured by underinvesting in education.”....

They are free to leave for a More Enlightened Country, of course.

Lots more whining and crying!!

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