Monday, November 07, 2016

The Fox6 Lie About Comey/Clinton Statement

As of this hour, the Fox6 (Milwaukee) web-page is lying about what the FBI's Comey said yesterday.

Fox6:  "...FBI Director Says Clinton Email Investigation Is Over."

Wrong, turkeys.

...Mr. Comey's latest letter refers only to Hillary Clinton in her capacity as 'former Secretary of State' and her handling of classified e-mails.  That's only one of five separate investigations currently under way that involve her.  He says nothing about the FBI's 'very high priority' investigation into the Clinton Foundation;  or that into Anthony Weiner (which necessarily must involve his wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary's closest aide);  into alleged corruption involving the Clinton Foundation;  and into whether Virginia governor (and Clinton confidante) Terry McAuliffe, and Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta (former head of the Clinton Foundation), broke laws concerning foreign donations.  (It was recently revealed that McAuliffe's PAC helped to secure donations totalling well over half a million dollars to the political campaign of the wife of the FBI official responsible for investigating the Clinton e-mail scandal.)...

Granted, local-yokel TV headline editors are largely un-informed twenty-somethings, especially if they're working the Sunday afternoon shift.  But Ted Perry read the damn story, and Ted (who claims to be 'neutral') is not twenty-something, nor is he a virgin to the nooz-biz.

S'pose?...........nah.   Fox6 wouldn't do that, would they??

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