Thursday, November 24, 2016

Half the Truth (or Less) From Ed Flynn

The police chief of Milwaukee got kudos from us for identifying the progenitors of the Sherman Park riots as "Communists from Chicago."

But not everything Flynn says is worthy of respect.  Take, for example, his half-truth about the Wisconsin Concealed Carry law.

....Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn sees a connection between the law’s 2011 enactment and his city’s spike in gun violence. And he notes the reason there’s no evidence is that police are prohibited from looking at their own data on the subject or revealing it to the public.

“What we’re seeing are more guns on the streets,” the chief told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. “I can tell you anecdotally we’re seeing a number of shootings involving concealed carry permit holders — many of whom have extensive criminal records — but I’m not allowed to tell you how many or whom, because the law has been carefully written to prevent analysis of that information.”...

What Flynn does NOT say is this:  people can lie on their CC applications.  We know that the WI DOJ can revoke a permit based on a conviction, and we know that they can deny it if there is an 'extensive criminal record' on file in Wisconsin.  But DOJ cannot deny a license if the applicant LIES (and gets away with it.)

By the way, the entire "news" story was created so that the extreme anti-self-defense outfit deceptively titled "Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort" could gain access to CC permit files.  Note the mention of Jeri Bonavia. 

Good luck, Jeri and Ed.  Nothing's going to change.  Here's why:

“The story kind of is that there is no story,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said. “I’m not aware of evidence of statistical significance that there are people who gain a permit who are committing crime with guns … and there’s not a lot of evidence of people using guns to protect themselves or others.”


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