Monday, November 28, 2016

The Green Tactic: Void Wisconsin's Vote

To the great surprise of many, both (R) and (D), Wisconsin's popular vote went to the Republican candidate this year.

That didn't sit well with the Progressives of the Green hue nor Blue.  (Whether Stein is a stalking horse for Hildebeeste or not is irrelevant, although the Party of Moore, Baldwin, Doyle and Chisholm announced that it will be 'involved.')


At first, the scheme seemed to have the aim of tossing foo-foo dust in the air, thus making it seem that the vote was .......illicit....... or something.  But now it's clear:  that's not the only game here. 

They want a HAND recount, which will take a long, long, time.  Maybe even enough time to prevent certification of Wisconsin's electors--which should happen by December 13th.  The Left is hoping that Wisconsin (and Michigan, and Pennsylvania) cannot make that happen.

If the certifications are not timely, neither candidate will win 270; thus the election is tossed into Congress.  Trump will emerge as the victor, of course, with a solid (R) majority in the House.  (Pence will be nominated by the Senate in a separate vote.)

THEN the Left will claim that "It's Political" and continue their campaign against Trump.

If you thought listening to that howling bitch during the campaign was torture, having another four years of it is probably not what you want for Christmas.  But you may get it!!

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