Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So, Wiggy, Is Bannon a Racist?

There's a bunch of "R" word being tossed about, mostly because of this "Alt-Right" thing.

Clearly, there are racists on the Right.  (And the Left, but....)

So.  Read through this offering from Wigderson and tell me:  is he calling Bannon a racist?  Or is he using the NYTimes' stylebook, cleverly inserting the term proximate to Bannon's name...?



james Wigderson said...

I don't address the question. I will point out, and did point out, that Bannon allowed the Breitbart website to be a platform for racists.

Dad29 said...

I'll bite. Who?

Simple living said...

I have been a follower of Bannon and Breitbart radio on Sirius. I only subscribed to hear Patriot Radio. Bannon was a breath of fresh air every morning and open to all callers and very respectful. I feel he understands his audience. I was saddened when he left for the Trump campaign but glad he helped elect Trump. Bannon is not a racist and either way we don't care anymore. SJW always project and the liberals are the true racist!