Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Few Election Observations

Random stuff...

Saw about 30-40 minutes of FoxNews coverage.  Me-Again Kelly is really a self-absorbed bitch.

Left the teevee to check out the usual interweb spots; behold! VoxDay called the election around 7:30 last night--I saw that and told the fam.  They didn't believe me.

Beginning last week, I mentioned to anyone who asked (and some who did not ask) that "TREND MATTERS!!"  It did, although I was as surprised as anyone about Trump winning Wisconsin, breaking a 32-year drought for Pubbie Presidentials.  So--once again, with feeling:  "TREND MATTERS!!!!"

The MSM obviously needs revenue.  The race was over by 9:30-10:00 Central, but they refused to call the obvious.  And refused.  And refused--until they hit the revenue goals, I suppose.

The shouting will begin this morning on the Sykes show.  Some will argue that Trump dragged RoJo over the finish line; others will argue that RoJo dragged Trump.  I know what Charlie's going to say:  Evan McMuffin was responsible for the Trump win.  Or something like that.

The Hag couldn't appear last night because she was packing for her trip to a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the USA.  Bill will not know where she is, and Abedin will be in Federal custody.


Dan said...

So, what is up with Sykes? I've lost touch with him a few years ago and only found he was a never Trump fool. And heard he is quitting soon.
Was he a never trump fool? If so, is he a former conservative?

Dad29 said...

Charlie is no fool, but he is #neverTrump. He's a former Lefty, btw.

TMJ is dumping conservative talk radio. Charlie is leaving 12/31.