Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Workplace Accident" for North Dakota Terrorist

You've seen the pix before; usually, the victim of a "workplace accident" is a Muhammedan Jihadi whose bomb-in-process detonated a bit too early, leaving the Jihadist at room temperature in several hundred pieces.

Happens in the US, too.  Right in North Dakota, where the usual bunch of Communists and hangers-on (useful idiots) are protesting a petroleum pipeline.

...It was after the female was pulled away from the site of the explosion that Wilansky was brought back to protest medics, with her allies claiming that a police “concussion grenade” injured her....Logic suggests that Sophia Wilansky may have been the female authorities saw wounded in the explosion of a propane canister-based improvised explosive device (IED).

That canister was supposed to roll over to the police line and blow up a couple of cops.

Well.  She will be the first jihadi named "Wilansky".

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