Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Sorry, Charlie, But Your Excuse Doesn't Cut It

Charlie Sykes is now interviewing for another gig--this one on MSLSD.

So, of course, his #NeverTrump card gets played.  But maybe his angst got the better of his common sense.  (Let's remember that Charlie famously self-portrays as a 'recovering liberal', by the way...and sometimes 'recovering' goes off-track.)

Here's a far more persuasive case FOR Comey's latest action.

...the latest reports are that Clinton hack Loretta Lynch will not allow a warrant to issue as Comey requested, so he certainly cannot publish the emails. In fact, I believe that is why Comey wrote to congress. His people doing the Weiner investigation saw enough that it was obvious there was strong evidence that contravened the FBI's prior conclusion in the Clinton email/sever investigation. They brought it to Comey and he followed protocol by going to Justice to get a warrant to review everything on the laptop. And Lynch would not give it to him. He was so appalled at the obvious contravention of the rule of law by Lynch for political ends that he did the only thing he could and wrote the letter to Congress in order to let some sunlight disinfect the rot. The action follows a long line of instances where public servants went public instead of letting people in power block the truth from coming out....quoted at RenMan

Minor side-note to Charlie:  the FBI is not a 'prosecutor,' and therefore there is no 'prosecutorial misconduct.'  The FBI is the cop-shop.  In this particular case, however, there IS 'prosecutorial misconduct.'  It is the gross misconduct of Loretta Lynch which is better described as 'felonious malfeasance.'

Got it, Charlie??

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