Friday, November 11, 2016

Between the Lines, the Election Meant Little

While this is Bloomberg--a distinctly left-ish 'news' source--you will get the idea quickly from just this one paragraph:

...President-elect Donald Trump could sign legislation proposed by Republicans that would put the agency under Congress’s thumb. Lawmakers could also overturn specific CFPB regulations, including one loathed by the industry that made it easier for consumers to sue their banks....

Note well:  it's not "abolish" the agency; it's 'keep it, but under Congress' thumb.'

The CFPB is unnecessary and redundant, so it should be shitcanned.  But Congress, on both sided of the aisle, want a redundant and unnecessary pile of expensive bureaucrats working for them in D.C.  Increases their power, increases their ability to raise campaign funds...and on, and on.

Nothing really changed, eh?

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