Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Counter-Coup to the (D) Riggers?

Interesting little item here.  Apparently the author has been around the Gummint.

...You are now witnessing a new type of American Revolution. The Clintons and Podesta initiated a silent coup to undermine the USG through corruption and co-optation of the elite political leaders. In turn, they were met by the by the silent counter-coup of our civilian/military Intelligence community. In the age of the internet, brave American warriors are everywhere. They monitor any internal/external attempts to undermine this great republic....

That would explain the timing of the release of the Marc Rich investigation files, which was not required by any court order.

He also claims that the Wikileaks material came from FBI/CIA/military-intel personnel (who are stalwart patriots.)

Hmmmmm...... this will not be fun to watch.  But it will be a good thing.

HT:  War on Guns

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