Thursday, November 24, 2016

Robin Vos Unchained!

So Robin Vos granted an interview.

...I have a few priorities. I would like to continue to increase our investment in education, especially public schools and universities. I would like to find a long-term solution for funding road repairs and maintenance. And I would like to make sure that we continue to make our state a place where families can find good-paying jobs that provide benefits....

Vos doesn't mention that the public-school "investment" means giving away laptop computers to every HS student in the State.  For good reason:  that would be a revolting development, in the best sense of the term 'revolt.'

...many of our schools are in steady or declining enrollment, we have to continue to look at our education system, which really has been based on funding pupils. If we are in declining enrollment, that’s going to cause problems in the long run...

Interesting observation.  Should Wisconsin fund 'education' based on buildings?  Teachers?  School buses?  Square mileage? 

"Declining enrollment" is--by the way--localized.  Oconomowoc has exactly the opposite problem and passed a large referendum based on increased enrollment.  Business solves the problem of "declining enrollment" (read:  less consumers-of-the-product) by layoffs and sale of assets such as buildings and grounds.  Is that impossible for school districts?

Get the popcorn.  This should be interesting.

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