Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Empire Will Not Go Quietly

McCaughey is right.  The Donald is about to meet The Immovable Object

You may have bet against him in the primaries and the Big Race and lost.  But betting against The Empire?   Hmmmmm.

Donald Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton presages an even bigger battle ahead against the heart of the Democratic establishment: the federal workforce. This army of bureaucrats — almost 3 million strong — gave Clinton a large majority of their votes and over 90 percent of their campaign contributions. 

Expect federal workers and their union bosses to use every trick in the book to block Trump’s reform agenda....

They've started.  Look to the smear-and-destroy stories filling the pages of the Usual Suspects.

...Will Trump, a newcomer to Washington, succeed where other presidents have failed? Possibly. He’s shown he gets his money’s worth. After all, he defeated spendthrift Clinton with less than a quarter of the campaign staff and half the spending. 

But federal employees will scramble to stay on the gravy train. They earn a whopping $123,160 a year on average — about a third more than private-sector employees — get over a month’s paid vacation and don’t lose sleep over getting fired. Hard to call them civil “servants.” ...

Maybe an earthquake will detach D.C. and send it into the Atlantic, so there's hope.  


Anonymous said...

That your even bring up this issue means there is hope.
Would you have brought up this issue with Obozo or Hildabeast?

- Mississippi

Dad29 said...

Of course not. But there SHOULD have been "hope" with Paul Ryan running Budget, then as Speaker. So hope is easily vanquished.