Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just How Dumb IS Scott Fitzgerald?

Long story short:  Walker and the Assembly Pubbies knew that the State's Voter ID law was shaky, and Adelman knocked it down.

The Assembly Pubbies passed a bulletproof version of Voter ID.  Walker supported it.

Scott Fitzgerald, (R-Useless) decided to stuff the bill into the memory hole, betting against......well.....his far smarter brethren.

Now the scramble starts again.

Does anyone know why Scott Fitzgerald holds the position he does?

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steveegg said...

Point of order - Adelman made clear that he would (and will) strike down a letter-by-letter clone of Indiana's Voter ID law on the same specious grounds he struck down what was passed. Further, he's already claimed jurisdiction over anything that might come out of a special session.

Typical Lawgiver-In-Black, but that FY1998-1999 state budget sure was a doozy.