Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Bullying" B.S.

From all the hooohaaaa on the local airwaves, it would seem that "bullying" is the growth industry in schools.


...Advocates of the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act portray bullying as an urgent and escalating problem, though surveys by the U.S. Department of Justice indicate that bullying is actually declining in American schools. But a closer look reveals an unsettling truth: This campaign—and the legislation it has spawned—is not so much about stopping bad behavior as it is about using the machinery of state education to compel children to adopt politically correct attitudes on the nature of human sexuality, gender identity, and alternative family structures....

It's not about the non-issue of "bullying."  It's about the Left's intolerance of speech and thought which does not conform with the homosexual agenda.

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