Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10th Amendment? Not Here!

Fifty years from now, chilluns will be learning that the most perverse Attorney General in US history was Eric Holder.  Working for a Communist President won't be an excuse.   It just earns the appellation 'running dog.'


More than a year after the U.S. Department of Justice began shoving its nose into Wisconsin’s School Choice program, the federal agency’s “ongoing investigation” continues without any apparent end. And while the state Department of Public Instruction has tepidly told DOJ the federal Justice Department doesn’t have authority to push its power trip on the state, DPI has seemingly been willing to assist in what school choice supporters see as nothing more than an ill-advised fishing expedition...In short, DOJ believes Wisconsin’s School Choice, or Parental Choice, program has discriminated against students with disabilities.

It's the same bulls*&^ that the Teachers' Union has been spouting for a decade.  Never was the case, never will be the case--but hey!  Harassment and intimidation can be useful.

There is a significant objection to Holder's crap-crusade made by DPI's own lawyer:

...“DOJ seeks to commandeer a state agency (DPI) to enforce a law against private schools that does not apply to them through means that the state agency has no authority to employ,”...

It's that pesky 10th Amendment stuff.

...By demanding Wisconsin “adopt burdensome regulation on its school choice program,” Szafir said the Justice Department is essentially trying to “rewrite state education policy from Washington, D.C.”...

This Administration is the single most evil group of jerkwads ever collected in one place. 

And it's not a co-incidence that most of the Choice schools are Lutheran and Catholic.

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