Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Shotgun Malfunction"?

Interesting little story here.

...The 17-year-old male was cleaning the weapon while skeet shooting with three friends, the article said. It discharged around noon, with the pellets ricocheting off the ground and into his face, shoulder and wrist....

The 17-y-o was cleaning a LOADED shotgun?

Seems to me the 'malfuntion' was not in the weapon.  


Anonymous said...

The malfunction was the absence of parental oversight period. Who hands a child a weapon without going over every safety measure. Removing the mag prior to cleaning would be among the first lessons. This is some redneck kid who could shoot but knew little else, but had access to pulling out his pud to impress his three buddies while mom and Bubba were away.

If you were one of the three friends parents, would you seek some Levitical justice?

And shouldn't we start charging gun owners with penalties when their weapons wind up going off in their kids hands? Who owns the liability on this? Because otherwise, aren't we condoning this? Or maybe that's the point of your post.

Dad29 said...

I posted your comment b/c it demonstrates your ignorance AND your judgmentalism.

You're just a mindless Lefty bigot, and it shows.