Wednesday, April 09, 2014

How to Get Campaign Cash

Passive-aggressive whoremongering is an excellent way to fill the campaign coffers!!

Here's an example from a longer post about EPA's power-mad water-grab:

...It’s possible that public outcry could convince EPA to back off somewhat on this issue (at least for now). But as Justice Alito noted in Sackett, “[r]eal relief requires Congress to do what it should have done in the first place: provide a reasonably clear rule regarding the reach of the Clean Water Act.” So long as Congress allows EPA to usurp its constitutional right to make law, neither state authority nor private property will ever be secure.....

"Congress" won't do that, of course.  Instead, various Congress-slimes will advance "solutions" to the problem while scooping up campaign contributions.  Then they will fail to move them through--or suggest that even MORE money is required to defeat "Congress-slime Joe Blow's other 'solution.'"

Let's not kid ourselves.  Congress will NOT write 'reasonably clear rules' on any issue so long as the issue can be monetized.

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