Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What RoJo Rolled Over For

 Our "Promise to Repeal" Senator has flip-flopped.


This is the sort of crap that he's accomodating.

...Federal systems have been facing problems transferring accurate information to state Medicaid agencies for months. HealthCare.gov is supposed to direct applications of customers eligible for Medicaid to state agencies, which should be able to confirm eligibility and finally enroll the applicant, but miscommunication in states across the country have forced customers to sign up again.

It’s not clear whether the problem lies within federal or state technology or both, but HHS’ seems to be putting the onus on state agencies to solve any problems on their own....

...The Washington Post reported in January that software defects in HealthCare.gov’s back-end systems were preventing over 100,000 Americans from being fully enrolled in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. HealthCare.gov couldn’t properly communicate eligible Medicaid applicants’ information to state agencies, preventing them from verifying the applications and creating thousands of backlogs themselves.

Even today, major back-end components of HealthCare.gov have still not yet been built.

Next we'll read that RoJo has become the Common Core Czar.

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