Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Common Core Is a Honeytrap

Perhaps the single most important reason that Common Core should be disavowed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee lies in Deneen's speech to the Philadelphia Society.  Recognize, first, that Common Core IS a Federally-imposed program, regardless of the weasel-wording of its proponents (who, by the way, are largely from the (D-Statist) Party.)

Now, then, Deneen examines "The Life of Julia":

...We begin to see this with ever-growing clarity in our own times—a new, kinder and gentler total State. It promises its citizenry liberty at every turn, and that liberty involves ever-greater freedom from the partial institutions of civil society, or ones remade in accordance with the aims of the State. The states as sovereign political units have been almost wholly eviscerated, and are now largely administrative units for the federal government....

Note well:  "Julia" has "liberty"--or so the ad told us.  But there are clouds on that sunny horizon.

...Satisfied with that victory, we now see extraordinary efforts to “break” two institutions that have always been most resistant to the total State: churches and family. We see an unprecedented efforts by the Federal government to abridge religious liberty by conscripting religious institutions like Little Sisters of the Poor (and my institution, Notre Dame) to be agents conscripted into providing abortifacients, sterilization and contraception—in the name of individual liberty. We can expect determined and even ferocious efforts to bend Churches to accept gay marriage as a norm, even to the point of forcing them entirely out of the civil realm. And we see increasing efforts of the government to “liberate” children from their families—represented perhaps most chillingly by the MSNBC clip showing Melissa Harris-Perry explaining how the greatest obstacle to State education has been the pervasive notion that kids “belong” to families rather than belonging “collectively to all of us.”...

The demolition of Church and family.  Just what the State wants.

And the Archbishop hands over his children to the authors.

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